I am Melina Mills.

 I represent a fun feminine spirit and believe in natural connections.  I am authentically interested in creating chemistry and desirable connections that lingers past its time, patiently and willing to please and receive.

I love traveling and experiencing exotic cuisines from all cultures.  One of my favorites is Capri, Italy. In my free time, I relax by taking long walks around Central Park.  I also practice yoga and pilates in the open field near the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. I especially love to read. I am currently rereading Just Kids by Patti Smith.

I would love to share new experiences with you! I am in the Midtown East area and I would love to learn more about you your mind and spirit. I would love to meet a gentleman that loves to relax and enjoy themselves as well as have great conversations to enrich our souls whether it is current events or personal life stories.


About Me

Growing up, I was a very active child. I played sports, danced, and loved the arts and craft.  I moved around a lot because my father was in the Military.  I was born in New York, but moved to Florida, Georgia, and ended up in Southern California for most of my teens and eventually, college.  I studied Design and got a degree in the Arts.  Now, I am working on my Masters in Business in New York City.  I work full-time as a designer, learning every day to expand my career.

I always knew I wanted to travel growing up.  I took some time off from school and traveled to over a dozen countries divulging into the culture and lifestyle of others.  Now, I am traveling more locally, visiting small US cities and experiencing all the parts of America.

Summer 2019

Spring 2018

Winter 2018

Fall 2017

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I am an independent and do all of my own booking.

The kind of gentlemen I am seeking to accompany is mature, kind, respectful and sophisticated.  Before we spend our wonderful time together, please be sure to review the information below and make sure that we are on the same page.

My consideration is to be given at the beginning of our date.  Please greet me with an envelope containing my consideration in public or leave the envelope on the counter in private.

Our date together will be a classy one, please remember I am a lady and I expect you to treat as such.  Mutual respect and courtesy go a long way.

My consideration is non-negotiable and any attempts to barter in person, by email or in a text would, unfortunately, bring a termination of any kind of communication.

An appropriate amount of consideration would come in handy if you wish to extend our date, said consideration is for my time only.  Respect and politeness are paramount when interacting in person, by email or in a text.


If you want to enjoy your time, it is best to go over what is important.  Your best results come from acting like a true gentleman. I guarantee that my response will be above and beyond and appreciative. If you decide to call or email directly, please introduce your self by your name. If you can, keep it light and sweet if we have never met before. Talking about fees for sexual acts will end any further communication.

Personal hygiene is extremely essential, it demonstrates respect and consideration and is highly advised to be taken care of before our meeting for outcalls. At in calls a shower and clean towels/toiletries will be provided if you need to freshen up.

On the first meeting with your companion make sure to leave the agreed fee. When in the company of a companion do not assume that they will keep track of time. If you should happen to exceed the paid amount of time expect to pay additional fees. Like with any industry time means money and you are not entitled to any freebies.

Tour Dates

South Florida 2/25-2/28

New York 2/29 – 3/15

Chicago – coming soon

Atlanta – coming soon

Washington DC – coming soon

San Francisco – coming soon